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Our Packaging

~ Packaged with thought and care, for the planet we share ~

We believe that every little bit helps, which is why we’ve posted all our parcels inBetter Packaging’s 100% certified compostable and biodegradable Dirt Bagssince 2019. In this time, we’ve sent over 40,000 orders via compostable bags.

We’re grateful to know that all those bags are not harming the earth - rather than 40,000 non-compostable bags contributing to landfill! Imagine what that would look like?!


What to do with your dirt bag after receiving your package from White Bohemian?

If you open with care, you may be able to re-use for further packaging or storing little bits and pieces. When disposing, you may either use it as a small rubbish bag for other perishables or dispose of it by  cutting it into strips - and then compost it with food scraps, or place it in with garden waste bins. In the right composting environment, these bags will break down within months via a non-toxic process, therefore feeding the soil and the little creatures who live within it.

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