Travelling with Chelsey

Our girl Chelsey Rouen (@chelseyrouen) takes Spell Muwala to the Greek Islands. Isn't it dreamy? We just adore Chelsey and her passion for all things travel, fashion, photography and design. Her picturesque images, with stunning landscapes just makes you want to book your next adventure. We can't wait to follow Chelsey's European travels. Here are some tips we have for you when planning your next getaway! 
  • Start Pinning! Start a brand new Pinterest board and start pinning landscapes you love, places you want to see and clothes you want to take. This will start building the foundation of where you want to go. 
  • All those calico bag's you get from your online shopping, SAVE THEM! They will become your best friend when travelling. We love to use them for sorting our luggage, keeping everything accessible, neat and eco friendly. 
  • Lastly, make it your own adventure. Don't plan too far ahead, some of the best moments are unplanned and just meant to be.  

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