Spell | Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a beautiful mix colour, borders and shapes that we just love. Spell has released the first styles of Blue Moon, a small, considered offering of beauty and light! 


The shoot took place many moons ago, on the dreamy, creamy, foamy beaches of the Dominican Republic 
Lili, a muse we have been watching and waiting for over many years with her ethereal looks, Hawaii girl attitude and flowing flaxen hair just floated through the shoot embodying the fuss-free beauty that was exactly the mood it was created for.

The entirety of Blue Moon is made up of 73% preferred fibres, with the first styles being 75% preferred fibres. At a time when having a positive impact on our world is EVERYTHING we are proud to offer you a collection made of such ecologically responsible fabrications – we hope you love!


Styling notes ~ most of the beautiful jewellery including THAT Shell Necklace is Cleopatra’s Bling, apart from the first necklace styled with the Portobello Road Boho Dress that is Kirstin Ash, and beaded items which we picked up locally by a man on the beach!

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