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Lost in Luna

We caught up with our friends Harry, Jordan (and of course, LUNA). For the folks at home who don’t know this sea loving coupe here is a bit of background for you: Harry and Jordan shut shop, quit their day jobs and bought a home (bus) on wheels. With no set plans, they have hit the road to explore Aus and follow their adventurous souls.
We just adore you two and Luna! Please tell us some more about yourselves, we just can’t get enough.
You guys are too lovely! It  depends what you would like to know! 
We were neighbours who met at 13, started dating at 18, bought land at 19, got married at 22. Adopted our first child (Luna - our campervan, hehe), quit our jobs, packed up our lives, and have set off on an adventure we have been dreaming about since we were first together. We love the ocean, we love being in nature, we love adrenaline, and we love doing life together. That’s us in a nutshell!
Luna life. We want to know more! When did you decide it was time to give up simple living and buy a house on wheels?
Well, we went on a roadtrip to Australia’s red centre back in April last year, and the idea of it all popped into our heads. It seemed extravagant at the time, but from there, everything slipped into place. We knew that there was never going to be a right time to do it, but we also knew that we had to do it now while our responsibilities were minimal. But, to be honest, it was always something we wanted to do.
What are your plans for the next few months, where are your must see locations?
Every day is up in the air for us. We wake up most mornings not knowing what we will do that day! But, the rough plan for us in the next few months is see as much of WA as we can and head around to the top of Australia. The aim for us is to skip this years winter!
Hmm, our must-see locations.. it depends what you're into. But, being beach people, we cant go past SA’s coastline. We’re very biased, as SA is home for us. Places from Innes National Park, to Rapid Bay, to our newest favourite Beachport. We also fell in love with Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road, and Sorento on the Mornington Peninsula. We have only been on the road for a month, so we’re definitely still building up our list!
Tell us some more about Luna. Where did you find her and how did you know she was the one?
Oh my gosh, our Luna-girl! I (Jordan) found Luna online one morning. She was the first van/bus we looked at, and I fell in love with her immediately. Harry thought she was too big, but after negotiating and letting Harry make any changes he wanted to the interior, we agreed that she was the one, and bought her a few days later. It was one of those moments that come and go so quickly, and the next thing you know, you have a 23 foot bus parked up on your driveway. She was without a doubt, the vehicle for us. She gives us the space we need to work and live comfortably. 
How does it feel waking up in a new place almost every single day, are you use to it yet?
It’s amazing waking up in a new place. Everything is always so fresh and it makes you so excited for the day ahead. Although, it can be tiring at times. You’re taking in new places, new faces, and a new environment everyday. You senses work hard all day every day to take everything in. It’s exhilarating but so exhausting all at the same time. We wouldn't change a thing. But, yes, we’re definitely still adapting to not having a home-base.
What are some bus essentials, surely you have some hints and tricks for us!
Bus essentials. Well, we live completely off of our solar power, which means we are self sufficient, we can take the bus anywhere and not rely on an external power source. This is a big essential for us! Other little essentials that have helped us along the way, is making sure you pack only the things that you need. If you don’t use something in 2 weeks, then it hasn't got a place in the bus. 
A trick that we have learnt along the way is cleaning daily, and making sure you prioritise organisation. We cannot live in a small unorganised space. The bus is our life now, and having it unorganised can make life really tricky. There needs to be a spot for everything.
What are your go-to clothing items when on the road?
It really depends which part of the country we’re in and what time of year it is. But, anything comfortable; t-shirts and shorts usually! But, we do have some days where we dress up a little bit, make our selves feel a little less like sea-rats. Wearing clothing of convenience is crucial, and comfort is our top priority. 
How do you go cooking whilst on the road? What are your 3 Luna-famous meals?
Cooking on the road is literally like a dance in the kitchen. We have a gas stove in the bus, and we have a weberque outside. We have so much bench space, so cooking is easy. Harry and I do equal amounts of cooking. We started the trip trying to budget how much we spent on food, but we weren't fuelling our bodies with the nutrients we needed and we felt so fatigued. So, we now eat the exact same as we would not being on the road. 
Our 3 favourite meals would be stirfry, chilli con carne, and veg burger wraps! 3 easy meals!
Do you have any major plans or just taking the road as it comes?
Nah, no major plans for us! Just chasing the warm weather, pushing our creativity to the next level. The most exciting part is that we don’t know what’s ahead of us. It’s the first time we've never had a plan, and it feels so good!
Be real with us. Now, life on the road looks amazing but surely there are some tough times too?
You’re absolutely right! Life on the road can be tough, and we’re only just realising that! The hardest thing for us at the moment is working out a place to stay each night. As beautiful as some of the places are that we stay, we have ones where sleep is minimal, ones where we’re parked in petrol stations. The weather has a big impact on our lives and our productivity. It can mean the difference between us having electricity or not, creating content or not, creating memories or not. Some days are spent under the bus making sure everything is in working order, or in a bunnings carpark trying to work out why the bus is leaking. So yeah, some days definitely aren't as glamorous as others. 
What are three things you both hope to get out of your travels around Aus?
Our biggest goal for this trip is to make the most of our youth. We are really just big kids, who got married and sold up shop. We just want to take our creativity to the next level, have stories to tell when we’re old, and make the most of our youth. It’s the best thing we could’ve done in our first year of marriage.
Will we be seeing you up in QLD anytime soon?
You absolutely will!! We’re dreaming of palm trees and warm water! How could we miss your end of the world? By the time were up your way, i’ll be in need for a new wardrobe. So you’ll definitely be seeing us, the issue will be trying to get rid of us! haha.

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