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Boho Mumma - dicolaaa

We speak with our boho mumma Nicola Cross (@dicolaaa). This model, photographer and soon to be mumma gives us some insight to her styling battles whilst pregnant, common craving for Kitkats, details on her jaw-dropping baby space and a side of toilet humour. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.
First things first, how are you feeling? Has it been an easy road?
It’s been a much easier road than expected. My poor mum was projectile vomiting through both her pregnancies and my only complaint was when Kitkats aren’t on sale!
What has surprised you in this experience?
The hormones!! I am not typically hormonal, but these last few weeks I have cried over the Kardashians, created chaos from road rage and have learnt just how impacting a solid eye roll can be.
Has your style evolved at all over the past few months?
It has definitely altered. During the warmer months it was easy to stick to my long flowy dresses accompanied with a hat and some shades but as the temperature has dropped so has the choice in my wardrobe. Now my motto is, if it fits it sticks.
As a boho mumma, where did you find inspiration creating your beautiful nursery? 
I worked in a kindergarten for 6 years prior to moving into photography. I always found a natural environment with less bright colours enabled a space for more creative stimulation, so I kept it to neutral canvas of woods and earthy greens. I also love the Instagram account ‘Whole Beings’ – it’s a holistic education movement that has very inspiring nature based activities and set ups!
Step by step, how long did you baby-wonder-space take to develop?
From the moment the wee stick read positive I knew how I wanted the space to look and feel. I am so lucky to have Pat who is very supportive with my ideas. No request is too big and he’ll always work out a way to help get it done. Firstly, we ripped up the carpets and we drew on the floor to plan it out.
I wanted natural shelfing but we struggled to find anything to fit the brief in the shops.
One afternoon we were walking Atticus (our darling dog) and we came across some perfect timber poking out a skip bin. We carried it home, sanded it and varnished it and up they went.
I have filled the rest of the space with many pieces from online stores such as Coven & Co and Sacred Bundle. I am lucky to be in an industry surrounded by so many lovely creatives and small businesses to support.
Can you share 3 things you look forward to about motherhood?
    • Having someone else in the house who loves a bit of toilet humor. 
    • Converting our bus; filling it with multiple children and exploring Australia via road trips (its currently in storage with a big ‘defected’ sticker on it)
    • Seeing the world through fresh eyes.
Tell us more about your vanilla-vibe baby, any sneaky suspicions (girl/boy)? 
Pat has said girl from the word go, so naturally I am thinking boy. I have gone through all the old wives’ tales but none are very convincing so I just don’t know!! Our families are divided on the topic too!
Any advice you have for your little one?
There is a little decor sign in the nursery that says ‘have courage and be kind’ and as cliché as it sounds that would be my advice. I hope we can raise our babe to be curious and courageous. To think outside the box and back themselves whole heartedly yet to remain grateful for our blessings, be humble and above all things be kind…And when you need to pass time, find pictures in the clouds!
As a boho mumma what is your go-to outfit?
Currently my Florence Spell midi dress, it’s really comfortable on the big belly and can be dressed up or down. I usually pair it with boater hat, braids or shades.
What are three things you try to do every day?
My dear friend said to me, ‘take advantage of this maternity leave – it is the only time you will ever be alone again.’ I really took this on board and have been spending each day in my home- alone, refusing visitors- haha! It sounds harsh but I love to be alone with my own thoughts and I am going to relish in it while I still can!
3 things I do stick to though – a nightly bath with candles and oils, a 3-minute face mask and morning cup of Mocha – I hear you don’t get many hot drinks after baby comes along.

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