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Sun Gypsy with Christina MacPherson

Christina MacPherson is as gypsy as it gets. She currently resides between Australia and New Zealand (where her man is) and travels in between. Even though she had to catch an early morning bus from Byron Bay there was no fuss about it, and when I met her at the airport I definitely knew she was far from a Prima Donna.  Our first shoot location was at the fun loving Lesa’s house from Moss and Twine – her house is a stunning theme of white, tribal shells and an outdoor plantation style area with a beautiful pool and side beach hut. With the incredible lighting and white curtains flowing around the hut, we knew we were going to enjoy swaying around with this particular spot. Christina just simply made this shoot work effortlessly. She is really cute and down to earth and is the kind of soul sister that makes your belly laugh endlessly. Such a gorgeous dag - but that's what makes us love her even more.  After wrapping up at Lesa's house we headed to the stunning Tallebudgera Creek in the afternoon. The sun was out and our gypsy was in action sprinkling her infectious laugh, playing in the sand and dancing around like a bronzed goddess. With a killer team on board everything just flowed with ease. The amazing Renee Clarke from reneeclarkemua highlighted Christina's natural beauty, and of course I was grateful as always to have one of our favourite photographers Tess Leopold on board as not only does she nail it overtime, but she is so chilled and calm and makes me aware of my over-talkingness!

For the girl that loves by the moon and lives by the sun - here is the Sun Gypsy collection...

Sun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Lazy Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_ Tides Changing Hankerchief Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Tides Changing Hankerchief Dress_BackSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Let It Bloom Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Let It Bloom Dress_front closeSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Island Vibes KaftanSun Gypsy_Cabpo Gypsy_Peachy Life ShortsSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Crochet Round BagSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Gladiator SandalsSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Animal Instinct Baby Doll Dress_BackSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Calypso Crochet Skirt_WhiteSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Calypso Crochet Skirt_WhiteSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Rattlesnake Hankerchief Dress_SideSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Rattlesnake Hankerchief Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Rattelsnake Hankerchief Dress_FullSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Pinata Spring Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Pinata Spring Dress_BackSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Animal Instinct Shorts_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Wild Summer Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Tie it up Tank_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Tie It up Tank_fullSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Gypset Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Gypset Dress_Front CloseSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Gypset Dress_Front midSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Sun Gypsy Tank_Bird Blackbird_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Sun Gypsy Tank_Bird Blackbird_SideSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Senorita Top_backSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Senorita Top_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_White Haven Dress_Front CloseSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Peachy Life Frill Top_frontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Peachy Life Frill Top_sideSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Tie It Up Tank_Khaki_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Crochet Swim_White_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Crochet Swim_White_SideSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Pandanus Tie Top_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Pandanus Tie Top_Front CloseSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Wanderlust Skirt_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Wanderlust Top_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Sweeping Dunes Dress_FrontSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Sweeping Dunes Dress_BackSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Sweeping Dunes Dress_FrontCloseSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Escape Dress_Front CloseSun Gypsy_Cabo Gypsy_Escape Dress_Front
Sun Gypsy by CABO GYPSY
Model - Christina McPherson
MUA - Renee Clark MUA
Styling - Sharon Fletcher
Photography - Tess Leopold, In Search of This
Sun Gypsy Tank - Bird Blackbird
Location - Lesa's house, Moss and Twine

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