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Sunset Road by Spell Designs

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We got the call from Erin’s agent only minutes before the shoot was scheduled to start – “Erin’s got a flat tire, she’s changing it herself”. The first thing we thought was “hell yeah she’s changing it herself! That’s why we chose this woman for this shoot!” Then we thought “Shit.” Spelly turned to the the crew and said “She’s going to be late”.
So we waited. Patiently, nervously.
When planning the campaign for Sunset Road, Spelly and I were very clear. We wanted to pay homage to the 90s cult classic Thelma & Louise, a film that touched us both deeply when we were teenagers. Our mother, a fierce feminist (you have to be when you have 4 daughters), had laid the groundwork and when we saw the film it changed us forever. It is perhaps in part, one of the reasons we still connect the wild abandon of the open road with a strong, female archetype. In preparing for the shoot we watched the film again (and besides rekindling a major girl-crush on Susan Sarandon) we knew there was only one chick who’d be strong enough to own this shoot. It had to be Erin.

Texan Born Erin Wasson has been our muse from day one. If Kate Moss is the epitome of the British rebel, Erin is her American counterpart, ever-cool and marches to her own beat. Even when she’s in Vogue, in couture, you kind of get the feeling ‘don’t mess with this chick’.  She’s pretty much a rock-goddess in the modeling world. So to be standing on the side of a desert highway in the middle of god knows where, awaiting your all time muse, because she’s changing a flat to get to your shoot – Pinch. Your. Self.

The camera loves her. Or perhaps she loves the camera. I don’t know which, all I know is when Erin steps on set – everyone’s mouths just drop and she is fucking on. I mean ON.
So there we were on the side of this highway when she arrived, a killer team at our side, a distant wind-farm on the horizon and a dusty blue 1965 Thunderbird at our disposal – inspiration came hard and fast and we let Erin run the whole damn shoot. She just calls the shots and it’s epic. After the last shot, she swung her finger around like she was cracking a whip and said “this is a, wh-chhh, wrap”. And with that little whip crack, it was over – and just like that, one of our dreams had come true.
Just goes to show, that old scrap of paper with an affirmation written on it, or editorial torn out of an old Russh Mag that’s blu-tak’d to your wall and serves as inspiration for years and years – don’t lose sight of it, one day it’s gonna come true.
Erin also wears vintage, hats by Sam Roberts LA and some Child of Wild jewels.

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Sunset Road ➸ Spell October/November 2015
Photographer Graham Dunn

Muse Erin Wasson 
Hair Luciana Rose
Makeup Dawn Broussard

Styling Isabella Pennefather
Assistants Belinda Fairbanks & Chloe Chippendale
Photography assistant Bummy Koepenick

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