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'Interview' Auguste The Label

Gypsy souls get ready for your hearts to soar....
Designed for the girl with the moon on her mind and salt water in her soul, new label Auguste has birthed a beautiful collection of vintage inspired pieces with a bohemian twist. Growing up in sun-drenched, salt-stained haze of Byron Bay, Australian designer Ebony Eagles has combined her love of a free-spirited, eclectic lifestyle with a vision of creating wearable pieces to express this.
Amongst her incredible travels, we were lucky to have a chat with Ebony and ask her about the inspiration behind this stunning new label.
How did you come up with the name Auguste the Label?
It’s just a name that I have always loved. It’s also the name of my Great Uncle and Nephew. We added the ‘e’ on the end because it looked softer and took creative license with the pronunciation.
How did it all begin leading up to the launch and how many people did you start with? 
We started with just the two of us officially, of course there were lots of other people that helped us materialise the brand but really aside from me of course and my vision there was only one other person taking care of thee logistics.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I think I’m most inspired to create outfits for the best times in our lives. Days by the ocean, road trips, Summer festivals or balmy nights drinking wine with close ones. I imagine how I’d want to feel during these moments and then I design pieces that I believe recreate that feeling. My motto has always been to create anything that make you feel beautiful.

Who is the ideal Auguste customer?
The girl who wears her favourite piece and her day becomes a little brighter for it. 
What's your biggest styling tips and tricks for the bohemian girl?

I think it’s all about mix and match - most of our pieces look amazing with basics like some cut-off levi shorts or a plain tee. Also, I know that when I don’t know what to wear, a Maxi Dress and some vintage ankle boots are usually the answer!

Biggest challenge and success so far for Auguste?
Having a global office and working to different time zones has probably been the most challenging, but it also allows me to travel for work, constantly be inspired and shoot our campaigns in amazing places! I guess the main success has come with the response from our customers to the brand. I feel like we’ve really connected with a lot of beautiful women in a short amount of time, women who truly identify with the lifestyle element of our brand, as well as the designs.
What is your favourite holiday destination?

Who is your favourite style muse?
Somewhere between Jane Birkin and Stevie Nicks
What can we expect from you guys for the next season (summer)? 
Gorgeous, easy to wear pieces for days by the sea, fresh florals, pretty little Playsuits and statement Maxi Dresses… I can’t wait to show you!

Auguste Interview_Auguste_diamondsjune blackslipAuguste Interview_Auguste_SundazeMaxiSkirt.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_diamondsdaydreammaxidress.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_basictee.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_diamonddaydreamingdress.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_GypsyPantsJungePrint.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_HeavenlyCreaturesBasicSunDress_Royal_2.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_HeavenlyCreaturesBohoDress_Cinnamon_1.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_SweetAsPieCamiMilkyWay.jpgAugusteInterview_Auguste_SweetAsPieTop_MilkyWay.jpg

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