Washed Ashore

And the ocean taught her how to drown in all the things bigger than herself, the ocean loved her and knew everything that made her, and every time she'd walk to the shore, she'd smile at the ocean because the waves told her story. - R. M. Drake
After what was a week of torrential rain, the weather gods answered our calling as we woke up to a clear morning for our Washed Ashore shoot. We adventured down to Fingal with our amazing team and set up against the rock wall. Standing in one of the most beautiful spots on the Gold Coast, we couldn't help but pinch ourselves at the scenery around us. The weather wasn't too sunny - but the misty skies and blue lagoon made the perfect backdrop for our Cabo Gypsy line. Chelsey looked effortlessly beautiful as she was free-flowing in the wind and walking along the shore (and seriously what a boho babe!) This new collection from our exclusive label is sure to turn heads. Made in Mexico from Cotton Gauze and Crochet - we wanted to create something that was truly unique to the bohemian lover and something to still appreciate in many years to come. A lot of thought has gone into creating each individual piece from the low-back cuts to the silk-ribbon frills, crochet edging and sandy hues.
We hope you enjoy x

IMG_6282IMG_6283IMG_7665IMG_7564IMG_7552IMG_7403IMG_7466Washed Ashore 1Washed Ashore 2Washed Ashore 3Washed Ashore 4Washed Ashore 5Washed Ashore 6Washed Ashore 7Washed Ashore 8Washed Ashore 9Washed Ashore 9Washed Ashore 10Washed Ashore 11Washed Ashore 12Washed Ashore 13Washed Ashore 14Washed Ashore 15Washed Ashore 16Washed Ashore 17
Washed Ashore - by Cabo Gypsy
Model: Chelsey Rouen
Photographer: Tess Leopold – In Search of This
Make Up: Zoe Mc Namara
Stylist:  Sharon Fletcher (White Bohemian) & Jody Kearney (Seelifeinteriors)
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