Bohemian Wanderer

Sharon Fletcher

Posted on January 28 2015

We're so inspired by bohemian travel style right now. Flowy skirts, breathable tops, harem pants, denim shorts and to.die.for bags and backpacks. Remember to pack lightly - the free-spirited girl doesn't like to be weighed down. So save your pennies, feast your eyes on wild and wonderful holiday destinations and get moving...
Happy Travelling!
White Bohemian x
Pics - via Pinterest Geronimo-Boy-Choc-5  8aa5344836146aa706d1f4057bde25ec 1a0da2048ee9c6bff07c8b077e5ea9f6\a185f70796ade15bbafa21db96c08836 207296c6bb22c70c47ac0a91d0b02299 b50c8b52806aff73f7211944cf7f1fb9 94617e69223c098f07e56b4de81cd74a
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