Boho Interiors

Creating the perfect boho interior is easy with White Bohemian's exclusive range of beautifully adorned wall hangings, shell chandeliers, cushion covers, crochet throws, swings hammocks and more.

Our beach bungalow collection has been sourced from around the world with influences from Africa, South America and Indonesia. For the perfect eclectic feel in your home mix it up by choosing a variety of styles, or keep it simple and stick to one theme. Here we have selected a few of our favorites. We get excited with every new shipment of boho interior pieces with fun feathers, stunning shells and beautifully scented candles all of your senses will be delighted!

decorative-shell-necklace-papuan-shell-necklace-www_whitebohemian_com__au-white-shell-stand-shell-necklace-400x592 FLET0151_2014_ITR Floor-stencils-mandala-stickers-www_whitebohemian_com__au-white-mandala-stencil shell-chandeliers-online-wallart-feathers-shells-homewares-www_whitebohemian_com__au-boho-home  

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