Our Story

Being born in the 70’s and growing up with a mum who adored the original ‘hippie fashion’ and loved to shop her heart out, has really paved the way for my passion for all things inspired by the bohemian hippy, festival fashions and the endless summer.

I grew up in Victoria near the beach and spent all Summer long driving backwards and forwards in the Valiant full of surfboards and surf mats to the beaches.  My first move out of home was Interstate to sunny QLD, where I soaked up the year round sunshine and the laid back lifestyle that came with it. I have always loved working with fashion, having worked for a number of companies such as Country Road and some well known Surf labels.  I get the biggest buzz when customers leave with their dream purchase and a big smile on their face!

Opening White Bohemian in 2013 has allowed me to stay connected with what I love most of all, customer service and to create my own unique styles and showcase them to the rest of the world under the label ‘Cabo Gypsy‘. I hope you love the styles that I bring to you as much as I enjoy creating them and supporting the amazing local designers that we stock.
Sharon xx
(Owner of White Bohemian Store)